Thesis Writing Tips

How to Write a Master’s Thesis: Guidelines For Canadian Students

12 Mar 2019

The majority of Master’s programs require a student to complete a thesis or research paper about 100 pages long to prove their candidacy for obtaining an academic degree. It is a complex work that requires a lot of effort, skills, and critical thinking.

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How To Write The Methodology Section For Ph.D. Dissertation

07 Mar 2019

The methodology is a crucial part of any dissertation that deals with the specific methods you apply to come to the conclusion that answers the dissertation’s central question. It should be formulated closely in connection to a literature review and the research data you’ve gathered while conducting research.

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9 Tips On How To Write a Perfect Research Proposal For Canadian Students

04 Mar 2019

A research proposal is an important document that presents a study project usually in terms of getting sponsorship. It deals with a particular issue, proposed methodology of research, an overview of the previous findings, and a means of data evaluation. It also includes the relevance of the work and a prognosis application of results.

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