Opinion Essay Topics For Canadian Students

In opinion essay you need to express your point of view on a question that concerns you, raise an important topic and develop it to the maximum. These task allow teachers to understand what the students think, what they are concerned about, and what problems are relevant to them. Creating essay opinion topics can be your chance to tell about something important for you, for other students, or all humanity.

To understand better what you can write about, here are some good examples from different fields of knowledge.

Popular Opinion Essay Topics Actual in 2019

  1. The development of modern technology and its impact on business.
  2. Why is the military industry always the first to use the latest technology?
  3. The best inventions of Canadian scientists the last 30 years.
  4. What you need to know when you start to live alone.
  5. Life in the dorm. Tips for experienced students.
  6. Best and worst moments while studying and why this happens.
  7. Sport and study. Effective combination.
  8. What is dangerous and stressful during school and how to avoid it.
  9. Where and how to earn as a student.
  10. Why business is better than a startup.
  11. Places in Canada worth visiting while you are a student.
  12. Teamwork in student groups. How not to spoil everything.
  13. The importance of prioritization.
  14. The cultural diversity of students and how to live with it.
  15. Books worth reading while you are a student.

Simple Persuasive Essay Topics With Opinion Paragraphs

Here is one more short list of specific topics for example:

  1. Immigration – Pros and Cons.
  2. Why is it stupid to be out of politics?
  3. The worst sins of modern society.
  4. The most famous women in Canada and their achievements.
  5. Main cultural phenomena of the past decade.
  6. Is it possible to be a businessman and a student at the same time?
  7. Why is paying taxes important?
  8. The evolution of entertainment culture in Canada.
  9. Degradation and the development of society.
  10. The best writers of the world and Canada.
  11. The role of Canada in world history.
  12. Pros and cons of the geographical location of countries.
  13. Rules of conduct in the case of a zombie apocalypse.
  14. The best achievements of science in the last century.
  15. The role of religion in student life.

Deep-Research Opinion Topics For Canadian Students

Here is a short list of topics appropriate for college or university:

  1. How much damage plastic tableware causes to the environment.
  2. Is sex education important for middle school students.
  3. Does having a pet at home influence child education.
  4. Visiting a therapist is important for every person’s mental health.
  5. Should Canadian students be given homework for the holidays.
  6. Why people have to wait until 18 before having the right to vote.
  7. How much minority culture is represented in Canada.
  8. Why should everybody be able to express an opinion on politics.
  9. Is absolute democracy a danger.
  10. Will technology conquer the world shortly.

How To Choose A Good Opinion Essay Topic

The main thing for your topic - it should be creative, understandable, and make it clear what the text will state. Thy to make the topic intriguing and interesting.

To choose a good topic, it should be appropriate first of all to you. That is, what you want to write about should be something that bothers you or what you have been thinking about for a long time. Best of all, it could be a common problem, not just yours specifically. Then it will work as an insight. You will be the first person who voiced what everyone was thinking about, but no one thought to tell.

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