Good Debate Topics For Canadian Students in 2019

It doesn't matter if you are a college or university student. It is always interesting to arrange a debate on an engaging topic. The discussion must be relevant not only now but also throughout the whole of 2019. You can discuss anything, for example, problems of science, culture, politics, history, or various issues of society and psychology. The main point is that it applies to society or at least part of it — Canada or its capital Ottawa.

In this article, we have selected Canadian debate topics and you can choose the ones that interest you the most and state your opinion on them. Discuss the arguments of both sides with your friends or write an article on any of these headlines.

When it comes to discussing history, many say that it is not science or that history is written only by the winners or those who’ve survived to correctly convey only their point of view on a particular issue. Perhaps this is true, but it may be just another topic for discussion. Below you will see a list of topics that are somehow related to the history of Canada and can decide which one you think is the most interesting or relevant.

Best Debate Topics On Canadian History

  1. Canadian influence on world history
  2. The most significant events in the history of Canada
  3. Achievements of science and technology in the history of Canada
  4. The most significant personalities in history
  5. The best and the worst periods in the history of the country's development
  6. Canadian contribution to global history and its own development
  7. Unknown facts from history
  8. Historical mistakes repeated again
  9. Forecasts of the development of history
  10. Large events that did not have any effect

If history is not your thing and you want to talk about the present day of our society or its future, then there is another list of topics for you. Here you can choose any burning problem and discuss it with anyone. All social debate topics have always captured their zeal because we can see these problems in society now and for some, they can be closer than we think. A lot of important issues in Canada are important, just think of them long enough and you will see what amn effect these topics have on people. Choose any debate topic.

Debate Topics On Current Social Issues In Canada

  1. The attitudes towards people with disabilities and measures to improve their lives
  2. The attitude of Canadian residents to abortions
  3. Army women
  4. Death penalty and society
  5. Euthanasia and severe diseases
  6. Gay marriage and the possibility of adopting children
  7. Division of labor depending on gender
  8. The difference in salaries by gender
  9. Unemployment in the country
  10. The problem of the homeless and its solutions

In addition to the above Canadian history debate topics, you can also find a dozen more headlines closer to students. These topics are related to education and science. If the above topics were not entirely relevant, you can always choose something from the list below. This includes discussions of modern problems of education, attempts to solve some problems and their success, the relationship between culture, science, and politics, as well as general scientific topics about technology and technological achievements in the country.

If you are not into Canadian history debate topics for students, then we bring to your attention education and science.

Controversial College Level Debate Topics in 2019

  1. The main problem of education
  2. Work after education and the problems of finding a job
  3. Holes in the education system that have successfully closed
  4. Statistics of people not working in their specialty
  5. Main research over the past 50 years
  6. Technologies that were born in this country
  7. The best invention and its application
  8. Funding science and the army
  9. Top 5 issues of the Canadian scientific community
  10. The current relationship between science and politics

In addition to all the topics we have proposed, you can choose any other. In any country there are so many problems you just do not know where to start. Remember the topic must be relevant for you and for some part of society. Also, if you want to save time and nerves and not read tons of literature, you can always use special services and get your assignment writing help. It happens if the topic is too complicated or you simply do not have time to write a lengthy text due other more important matters, then come to the aid of competent professionals who will not only help you choose the topic but also write all the necessary work without errors or plagiarism. We write papers of any type, opinion essay topics, coursework, or scientific articles. You will receive your text in the best quality and at a time convenient for you. Do not waste time and energy on learning what may not even be useful for you in life. Use all the capabilities of modern technology to improve your grades and write only the best quality work with all the necessary quotes and sources.

Summing up, while choosing a topic for debate it is always worth exploring and the arguments for and against. Because having chosen only one side and discussing with colleagues only that perspective, you will miss counter-arguments to strengthen your own position. This is a mistake as you will not know what arguments your opponent will have and you will not be able to answer them adequately. Second, you will not be able to objectively weigh your chances of winning the debate if you do not know what you are fighting against.

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